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GAY-TANTRA® and Armin Heining are your reliable partner when it comes to achieving your goals!

With our continuously further developed learning concept (with audio/visual teaching and learning aids, high practise relevancy, precise working documents and much more...) GAY-TANTRA is your reliable partner on your personal and professional path and accompanies you into the future. It will help to give you more assurance and success in establishing contact with your clients and guests.

The OriginalThese days it is all the more important to offer your talents with sound knowledge and skill. When GAY-TANTRA started in 1992, sexual liberation stood in the foreground. Today's clients are seeking integrate eroticism, intimacy and spirituality into their lives.

Your most successful asset as a masseur or sex worker is your ability to convince through a sympathetic personality and radiance that combine sound knowledge, skill and know-how in one. We offer you support to bring these sides of yourself to the fore!

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Armin Heining

Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur - Job-Training

Job-Training - Level II
Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur

10.07.2024 - 21.07.2024
near Berlin

Tantra Masseur Job-Training

Massage & Job-Training - Basic
Tantra Masseur

22.07.2024 - 28.07.2024
in Berlin

Tantra-Energy Masseur - Job-Training

Job-Training - Level I
Tantra-Energy Masseur

27.02.2025 - 07.03.2025
in Berlin

Armin Heining

Portrait Armin Heining

Since his founding of GAY-TANTRA® in 1992 and the opening of his Massage Oasis in Berlin in 2009 and subsequent release of his GAY-TANTRA® multi-part DVD series in 2010, Armin has helped Tantra become widely known within the gay community in Europe. He registered the association GAY-TANTRA e.V. (11.02.2020, District Court of Charlottenburg ), which offers you a safe roof, as a member of this association to pursue professional tantric massages in Germany, Europe and worldwide, beyond prostitution requirements.

He is considered to be the ultimate authority on the art of massage, the culture of body contact, the channeling of sexual energy and the connection with a partner through tantric energy circles: in a word, the connection of sexuality, love, intimacy, compassion, forgiveness and spirituality.

In 2008 Armin conducted the first 'Tantra Masseur' Training. Since then the number of trainings has increased and many participants from all over the world have in Germany, Great Britain and the USA have profited from the unparalleled and pioneering GAY-TANTRA Trainings.

Learn with the GAY-TANTRA® Pioneer and have a good time with him!

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