Job-Training 'Tantra Masseur' (certified) - Basic

Touch and Massage - Make your Dream come true...

If you have always been interested in massage, or you have often played with the idea of pursuing an activity that you love on an independent and self-employed basis, or you would like to re-experience the massages and group togetherness, then this training could be something for you.


The origins of Tantra go back to the second century A.D., Tantra massage to the 1990s. Since the release of the GAY-TANTRA Massage DVDs by Armin Heining in 2010 at the latest, Tantra massage has become widely known within the gay community in Germany and Europe. The described Tantra-Massage Training, developed by GAY-TANTRA and proven in pratice, is unique in Europe. It is a non plus ultra in terms of the art of massage and the culture of body contact.



Not only professional masseurs, but also interested non-professionals can profit greatly from this training. They can enhance their knowledge of Tantra massage and gain inspiration from the erotic energy generated. Attended with your partner, the training can enormously enrich your togetherness.

Training Objective

After completion of this training, participants are able to perform two different tantric massages by themselves, including an elaborate genital and anal massage. And they know various ways of professionally enabling the energy climax to happen. From the government of Berlin this training was examined. It was noticed that this training prepares for a regular profession.

Certificate for Masseur TrainingTraining Qualification

After a successfully conducted oral and practical test, the document 'Tantra Masseur' of GAY-TANTRA by Armin Heining is awarded. This certificate, with which the holder can actively advertise his enhanced qualifications on his website, the social media and other profiles, attests the quality of his Tantra Massages and distinguishes him from the mass of (Tantra) masseurs.

Meet Armin and former participants, inviting to the Berlin training

Course and Contents:

Regarding the tantric philosophy at GAY-TANTRA massages the whole body gets touched in different ways including all sensitive body segments. As an important source of our zest of life sensations of sensuality and pleasure are core parts of Tantra.

Preparation: After your registration until the start of training


  • Film: What is GAY-TANTRA ?
  • Film: About the Erotic Massage
  • Film: About the Genital Massage
  • Film: About the Anal and Prostate Massage


  • Independent preparation with the help of the three GAY-TANTRA massage films:
    Step by step you will learn how to study with the films before the beginning of the training.

Segment 1: The GAY-TANTRA Erotic Massage (2 days)


  • Erotic GAY-TANTRA Massage: Basics and History
  • Preparing the Massage Place
  • Little Knowledge about Massage oils


  • Rituals and Techniques of Beginning
  • Sensual Seduces
  • Backs and Legs Massage
  • Upper Body and Arms Massage
  • Necks and Face Massage

Segment 2: The GAY-TANTRA Genital Massage (1 day)


  • Genital-Massage - Basics
  • Genital-Massage - History
  • Anatomy of the sexual organs
  • The Chakra-Energy System


  • Active Meditations
  • The Big Let Go
  • Techniques of genital touch
  • Discharching with pleasure
  • Afterglow

Segment 3: The GAY-TANTRA Tender Massage (2 days)


  • GAY-TANTRA Tender Massage: Basics and History
  • Massage place set up


  • Techniques to get centered and find Inner Peace
  • Rituals of Beginning
  • Surrounding with Silence and Peace
  • Gentle Upper Body and Anal Massage
  • Necks and Face Massage

Segment 4: The GAY-TANTRA Anal Massage (1 day)


  • Anal-Massage - Basics
  • Anal-Massage - History
  • Careful preparations (Anal Washing, Lubricant, Hygienic)
  • Anatomy of the Anal Organs - The Male G-Spot
  • Female and Male Energies of Man


  • Active Meditations
  • The Subtle Let Go
  • External Anal Massage (Pelvic Floor, Coccyx, Prostate Gland)
  • Internal Anal Massage (Sphincter, Inner Space, Coccyx, Prostate Gland)
  • Discharching with pleasure
  • The Inner Orgasm

Segment 5: Self-practice of the massages learned in the training (until 30.11.2019)

  • 10 documented erotic or tender tantra massages with genital / anal & prostate massage to acquaintances, friends or guests

Segment 6: Tantra Masseur - Certification


  • Oral examination via Skype (30 minutes by prior appointment)


  • Discussion of the practice documentation (30 minutes by prior appointment)

Tantra Masseur Job-Training

Dates: 22.07.2019 - 28.07.2019 in Berlin | Basic

Pre-Experiences: Not required!

Preparatory and Accompanying Media:

DVDs Tantra Masseur

First-time participants will receive three GAY-TANTRA massage educational films and various other study and information films (value about EUR 45) after complete registration as download for free.

Beginning of the training you will receive the 'GAY-TANTRA Training for Tantra Masseur (certified) Program Study Guide', a comprehensive manual that immerses you in the unique GAY-TANTRA massages and other important related topics. It allows you to get the most out of your GAY-TANTRA training! The Study Guide will introduce you to and supports you on your path to immersion in the GAY-TANTRA massages. The 'GAY-TANTRA Training for Tantra Masseur (certified) Program Study Guide' (value about EUR 45) is available exclusively to training participants and is not available elsewhere!

Additionally books and DVDs can be bought during the training at the spot.

Organizational Details

GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin


The GAY-TANTRA masseur training takes place at "Gefühlsschule Rubeau", Welserstr. 5-7, 10777 Berlin.
The bright and friendly rooms are located in a central and quiet area in Berlin-Schöneberg, not far from the Viktoria-Luise-Platz (U4).


Beginning of the training is on Monday, 22.07.2019 at 7 pm until about 10.30 pm. The individual training days usually start at 10 am and end about 8 pm. The whole training ends on Sunday, 28.07.2019 about 8 pm with hints to your own practice and certification.

Seminar languages:

German and English


Sleeping in your own sleeping bag is possible for EUR 25 per night at our place and is also recommended because of group dynamic.
Or you may stay at home or in a hotel.
Breakfast we will buy, prepare and have together at our venue. Lunch and dinner you can eat something small in our place, or we can also go out and have some food in restaurants close by.

Important notices:

This training is no substitution for psychotherapy, self-experience, personality training, or sexual or spiritual development! It is assumed that the participants possess a certain mental and physical durability, and are open sexually and spiritually (natural mindset towards nudity, touch, also deep sexual touch, openness towards active and quiet meditation). If necessary, talk about your participation with the educator prior to registration!

Fee of participation:

The fee for the GAY-TANTRA Masseur Training amounts EUR 1.329, payable in one amount or - on request - in two instalments (50 per cent on the date of the written enrolment; 50 per cent one month prior to the beginning). Please contact us via E-Mail! This fee covers all costs for seminar hours and materials.

First-time participants will receive the three GAY-TANTRA Massage DVDs (value about EUR 40) after complete registration for free.

The following discounts are possible:
(-10%) First-Minute Discount: for registrations until 22.05.2019
and additionally under one of the following conditions:
(-30%) Refresher rebate: Former participants refreshing their knowledges
(-15%) Social rebate: Students/Unemployed Persons [with ID]

See here: Conditions of participation / cancellation.

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