Job-Training 'Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur' (certified) - Level II

Touch and Massage - And Sex?!...

How do I treat the sexual wishes that clients bring to a session? And if it actually comes to a sexual act: How can I handle it and retain my dignity, without selling my body and soul? How can I ride the wave of sexual energy and not let it overwhelm me too? This Training gives you the know-how!


Both professional (Tantra) masseurs and massage enthusiasts can profit to a high level from this training. They can consolidate their knowledge of tantric breathing and energy work and let the many energy experiences arising be a source of inspiration.

The Training can be attended for professional further development or out of private interest. In combination with a paramedical basic training (e.g. hydrotherapist, masseur, naturopath, doctor) or a registered business (e.g. wellness provider, sex worker), the Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur is entitled to offer his services for a fee.

Training Objective


On completion of this training, you are able to acquaint your massage guests and clients with tantric energy circles and to give them a taste of the high art of tantric lovemaking. You learn already through preliminary contact to evaluate your guest and to offer the right way of meeting, which will give yourself and your guest the highest amount of pleasure and contentment.

In contrast to the GAY-TANTRA 'Tantra Masseur' (certified) training and the 'Tantra-Energy Masseur' (certified) training you do not learn any other new ways of massage or stimulation. You learn to establish a deeper and more intimate contact with your guests, beyond that of an escort.

ZertifikatTraining Qualification

The GAY-TANTRA 'Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur' certificate with Armin Heining is awarded after a successfully conducted oral and practical examination.

This certificate, with which the holder can actively advertise his enhanced qualifications on his website, the social media and other profiles, attests the quality of his Tantra Ecstasy Massages and distinguishes him from the mass of (Tantra) masseurs.

Course and Contents:

The Tantra Energy Circles are an excellent support for awakening sexual potential and integrating it with the whole personality in its most varied aspects and for sharing with partners.

Part 1: Introduction and preparation
(04. - 05.07.2020, seminar hotel "Kunze-Hof", Stadland)


  • Escort versus Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur?
  • The Tantric Energy Circles - what are they?
  • How do I redirect energy through the body? What tools are available to me?
  • Psychological traps in dealing with Tantric Energy Circles


  • Awakening the Chakra Energy Centers

Part 2: Own experience of the tantric energy circles
(06. - 12.07.2020, seminar hotel "Kunze-Hof", Stadland)

Theory and Practice:

  • Emotional and physical preparation
  • Creating sexual energy with multiple, orgasmic genital stimulation
  • Energy connection with the Bonding Wave
  • Energy connection with the Butt Wave
  • Induction of a transpersonal, tantric experience
  • The U-Breath Circle
  • The O-Breath Circle
  • The Wave of Bliss

Part 3: Supervision
(13. - 15.07.2020, GAY-TANTRA Oasis, Berlin)


  • How do I present myself as a Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur in public?
  • How do I present my range of services?
  • Conversation before and after the experience
  • The course of a meeting with Tantra Energy Circles
  • Documentation of the session


  • Experiencing Gay Kamasutra basic postures
  • Carrying out Tantric Energy Circles

Part 4: Own independent practice of the Tantric Energy Circles (until 30.11.2020)

  • Ten documented Gay Kamasutra meetings with acquaintances, friends or guests

Part 5: Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur - certification


  • Oral examination via Skype (thirty minutes by prior appointment)


  • Discussion of the practice documentation (thirty minutes by prior appointment)

Tantra Masseur Ekstase Ausbildung

Dates: 04.07.2020 - 15.07.2020 near Oldenburg & in Berlin | Level II

Pre-Experiences: Level I required!

Preparatory and Accompanying Media:

DVDs Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur

Participants will receive these three GAY-TANTRA Ecstasy Films and various other study and information films (value about EUR 45) after complete registration as download for free.

The 'GAY-TANTRA Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur (certified) Training Program Study Guide', a comprehensive manual that immerses you in the unique GAY-TANTRA energy circles and other important related topics, allows you to get the most out of your GAY-TANTRA training! The Program Study Guide (value about EUR 45) is available exclusively to training participants and is not available elsewhere!

Additionally books and DVDs can be bought during the training on site.

Organizational Details


The training for 'Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur' (Part 1 & 2) takes place at the seminar hotel "Kunze-Hof", Deichstraße 16 - 18, 26937 Stadland, phone +49 4734 928-0. The seminar hotel is beautifully situated on the East Frisian Jadebusen (North Sea), 70 or 50 km north of Bremen or Oldenburg. The nearest train stations are Rodenkirchen, Nordenham, Varel (Oldb.). From there taxi.

Part 3 of the training will be in the rooms of the GAY-TANTRA Oasis, Bundesallee 156, 10715 Berlin-Wilmersdorf (S/U9 Stop "Bundesplatz").

Veranstaltungsort Seminar Hotel Kunze-Hof Stadland


The beginning of the training is on Saturday, 04.07.20 at 18 h in the seminar hotel "Kunze-Hof". The individual training days usually start at 07.30 h with a meditation in the morning and ends - with several longer and shorter breaks during the day - usually about 22.30 h.
On Sunday, 12.07.20 we drive to Berlin, where the training in the rooms of the GAY-TANTRA Oasis continues on Monday, 13.07.20.
The end of the practical training is on Wednesday, 15.07.20 around 20 h.

Seminar languages:

German and English

Veranstaltungsort Praxisgemeinschaft am Lietzensee


For part 1 & 2 of the training we will stay in the seminar hotel "Kunze-Hof" and are being catered there biologically / vegetarian. The costs for food and lodging varies between EUR 85 and EUR 110 per day and per person depending on the room category (shared, double or single room, without/with shower and toilet). These expenses are to be paid on the spot.
A budget accommodation with your own tent in the garden is possible. Please contact us.

The accommodation in Berlin from 12 to 15.07.2020 has to be organized in advance by yourself: You may stay at home or in a hotel.
You might want to bring your own food or eat out in a restaurant nearby.

Important notices:

This training is no substitution for psychotherapy, self-experience, personality training, or sexual or spiritual development! It is assumed that the participants possess a certain mental and physical durability, and are open sexually and spiritually (natural mindset towards nudity, touch, also deep sexual touch, openness towards active and quiet meditation). If necessary, talk about your participation with the educator prior to registration!

Fee of participation:

The fee for 'Tantra-Ecstasy Masseur' training amounts EUR 1.890, payable in one amount or - on request - in two instalments (50 per cent on the date of the written enrolment; 50 per cent one month prior to the beginning). Please contact us via E-Mail! This fee covers all costs for seminar hours and materials.

Participants will receive these three GAY-TANTRA Ecstasy Films and various other study and information films (value about EUR 45) after complete registration as download for free.

The following discounts are possible:
(-10%) First-Minute Discount: for registrations until two months prior to the training

and additionally under one of the following conditions:
(-15%) Social rebate: Students/Unemployed Persons [with ID]

Von Eventbrite

See here: Conditions of participation / cancellation.

Further developments

Ausbildung Tantra Masseur
Job-Training Tantra Masseur

Ausbildung Tantra-Energie Masseur
Job-Training Tantra-Energy Masseur

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